Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top Reviews for Sony Xperia Z

Let us introduce you to the one of the ultimate HD smartphone from Sony. Get the best experience from Sony Xperia Z that is engineered to precision. Sony Xperia Z is the epitome of the design, versatility and power of a smartphone. 
Current Market Price: RM 1,699 (buy)

Reality Display
Sony Xperia Z brings you a high quality razor sharp HD screen that makes you feel like as if you are there. The 1080 progressive scan ensure incredible crisp pictures with no jagged edges. Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 which is the second generation of our acclaimed Mobile BRAVIA® Engine will deliver a perfect viewing experience by including high-quality colour management, new real-time contrast optimisation to the sharpness enhancement, and noise reduction. 
Minimal yet Distinctive
Interested in something new? The Sony Xperia Z is designed with an OmniBalance design where the innovative skeleton frame of Xperia Z provide subtle rounded edges with smooth, reflective surface on every sides. Besides that, there is nothing greater than a smartphone that is waterproof and dustproof like Xperia Z.

Great Speedy Performance
Sony Xperia Z is integrated with the latest Sony software and a powerful Pro processor, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4. It is built to perfection to gives you maximum speed and performance without draining your battery life even when you run multiple apps simultaneously. 

Outstanding Graphics
One of the utmost graphics processing unit is used for this Sony Xperia Z. The Adreno 320 GPU allows you to enjoy the most advanced and visually stunning 3D games, and let you browse the web quickly and smoothly. 

Battery STAMINA Mode
No doubt that smartphones usually use a lot of power to function, even when you’re not really using them. All those applications that you had open are still running in the background so unnecessary battery usages are wasted. The Battery STAMINA mode will save you from wasting your battery by recognising when your screen display is off and turning off functions you are not using, while still keeping the notifications that you want available. 

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Some of User's Reviews at Lazada Malaysia for this product:-

charles judah 
I love this smartphone so much! I love the graphics quality which is marvellous. No worries if i ever get caught in the rain or unpurposely drop it into the water. This modal is water resistant. Delivery was quite fast. Thanks for such a great service from Lazada. Will be looking forward to purchasing more and more items from your store in the future:-)

Such a great phone, I love the feel and performance of it. Also the waterproofing is brilliant, its already survied heavy rain with no effects!!! Super fast delivery to Sabah. I liked both the phone and service so much I've ordered another one for my wife already.

This phone is the best phone ever I had, I love the performance of this phone, very smooth, clean and sharp image display. Just one thing I worry about is battery life is short when screen is on and also quickly hot on the back side. Love it!

I can say this is one of the best phone I seen for now.